It hurts me more than it hurts you that there is no Vuitton on this list, trust.
  1. Gucci
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    I'm so here for this new era of Gucci. Every look was fucking great but this formal tracksuit is pretty IT for me.
  2. Marques'Almeida
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    Their denim shit still owns my heart, but this weirdo sporty interpretation of McQueen's shipwreck dress is exactly the kind of inspirations/investigations I'm here for.
  3. Alexander Wang
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    I am not a Wang fan and even now, having picked this look, I can't quite believe myself but I love those weirdo double shorts and that mesh tshirt like so what who cares the heart wants what it wants.
  4. Celine
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    If there was ever a time to spend half a year's rent on a coat, this would be it.
  5. Miu Miu
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    This is what I imagine "Corporate Laia" would wear. Now I just need someone to come up with a Nuclear Wintour-type nickname for me.
  6. J.W. Anderson
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    I loved the tiny bras in this collection but seeing as how I would never step outside wearing a bra as a top, this sweater will do nicely.
  7. Jil Sander
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    IT ME.
  8. Proenza Schouler
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    The new naked dress.
  9. These Prada shoes.
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    Always the Prada shoes.