(the gifs don't play, but it's ok you've seen them before)
  1. The Seinfeld version of the Deal With It meme
  2. Joey Gladstone cutting-it-out.
  3. 2 Legit 2 Quit
    Clip from the music video, cannot upload.
  4. How to be productive, from Office Space.
  5. A 3-eyes cat eating hot dogs that are floating through space.
    I can't upload this one either but trust me, it's great.
  6. Stefon saying "awwww" then "thank you."
  7. Surprised-happy Tom Haverford.
    You know, when he opens his mouth.
  8. Jimmy Jr. slowdancing in the cafeteria.
  9. Michelle Tanner rolling her eyes and saying "DUH!"
    Age: 4?
  10. This cat passing out, attempting to lean against the wall, and falling to the floor instead.
  11. Michael Scott gets caught off guard, guffaws a "what?"
  12. Homer Simpson catches Apu cheating on his wife, backs out of the Kwik-e-Mart all the way to his house.
    Possibly one of the top 3 best Simpson moments of all time?
  13. That baby that gets excited when her song comes on the radio or something.
  14. Maya Rudolph wearing oversized glasses, moving them up and down with her finger from behind her ear.
    It's a real bummer you can't see this one.
  15. Michael Jordan laughing.
  16. Cat falling asleep.
  17. Bonus! Best image I received in return, non-gif category.