An ongoing list of all the words and phrases you need to know.
  1. Epitome
    Lately, Amal Clooney is the epitome of everything, "glamour," "of a lady," "class," etc.
  2. Louche
    Use when referring to something influenced by Saint Laurent (Yves or Tom Ford only) or anything that's early Tom Ford (Gucci or YSL).
  3. Chic
    Anything can be chic. Shoes, nail polish, a vintage t-shirt, whatever.
  4. Channel/Channeling
    Not like the English Channel but when you're dressing mod, or like a French girl, or like a mod French girl.
  5. French Women
    American fashion is obsessed with French Women and how they don't get fat, wear striped shirts and berets, raise their children, wear jeans and flats. It's mostly still all about Jane Birkin even though she's English, and like, Anna Karina even tho she's mostly Danish.
  6. Statement Piece
    A huge necklace. A boldly printed blouse. Giant culottes/JNCOs/extravagant fur shoes.
  7. Day-to-Night
    Usually involves taking off a cardigan, switching flats to heels.
  8. Investment Piece
    A way to justify buying a coat or shoes or a dress that will cost several months' rent (but why are you buying investment pieces if you rent? LOL). Unless it's an Hermes bag, this will be a poor investment.
  9. Enfant Terrible
    Mostly used about Gaultier, Galliano, or McQueen. Who's the new enfant terrible? Jeremy Scott? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. High/Low
    Best when it's something like "this Hermes hand-me-down from my grandmother mixed with these new Celine trousers."
  11. Signature
    When you wear the same thing all the time! Chicest use "my signature scent is a mix of Chanel No. 5 and Cool Water, I'm all about androgynous style."
  12. Androgynous Style
    When women wear a tailored suit without a shirt underneath (aka, "channeling Yves Saint Laurent's louche style"), cut their hair short.
  13. Borrow from the boys
    Baggy jeans, oversized sweaters, sneakers. Not louche.
  14. Effortless
    Still take effort.
    Suggested by @jilianbream