A perfect way to classify dudes that my best friend and I came up with while at a Journey's in 1997. We still use the scale to this day.
  1. A Wallflower
    A very hot dude. Wallflower obviously refers to Jakob Dylan. Jakob was also the reason we came up with this list, as we had just purchased this issue of Rolling Stone at the magazine kiosk. Look at those baby blues!!! Fun Fact: My ultimate hot dude was in fact, Dave Grohl and my friend's was Gavin Rossdale, but we both agreed "wallflower" just sounded better.
  2. An Iha
    A hot dude. Like your run-of-the-mill hot dude. Based on Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha.
  3. A Corgan
    An average-looking dude. Based on Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. Fun Fact: I considered Billy to be more of an Iha and James Iha to be more of a Corgan!
  4. A Bono
    A kinda unattractive dude. Based on U2's Bono. Fun Fact: Categories could be mixed for more accurate descriptions. For example, I would rate Bono during the "With or Without You" video as more of a Corgan-Iha.
  5. A Manson
    An ugly dude. Sorry, Brian Warner.