1. 10. The black coat in Justify My Love
    Especially at the end where she holds it closed at her chest and mischievously laughs about whatever shenanigans just went in behind closed doors.
  2. 9. Everything in Human Nature
    But maybe my favorite is the black patent leather bikini with black patent leather opera gloves. So kinky and yet so surprisingly PG!
  3. 8. The slip dress in Like A Prayer
  4. 7. The pink leotard & wrap sweater in Hung Up
    Was this the last great Madonna moment? Probably. The capri-length fishnet stockings really make the whole thing.
  5. 6. The party entrance look in Deeper and Deeper
    Jean Harlow finger-waves, no eyebrows, fur, a balloon. This is how you make an entrance.
  6. 5. The little black dress in Cherish
    Everything about this is just perfect.
  7. 4. The super-90s look in Rain
    White tank, slim sheet maxi skirt, Adidas. Pretty much my goals at any given time.
  8. 3. The futurist Japanese-inspired steez in Nothing Really Matters
    Yeah I know about appropriation but this shit is 🔥🔥🔥. Where do I pick up my inflated trash bag baby?
  9. 2. The off-duty look in Open Your Heart
    Since the first time I saw this video I've been fascinated with the way she looks when she's skipping around with the kid. It's so fresh! The black corseted bodysuit with gold nipple appliqués is also incredible, of course.
  10. 1. The witch moment in Frozen
    Olivier Theyskens' hits the big time. This look has everything! Witchcore and mehndi. Ok I guess that's just two things but what else do you need.
  11. Digital watch in Everybody.
    Facing downward on wrist.
    Suggested by   @jakefogelnest