Emoji Concerns

An (extremely late) open letter to apple
  1. Trains: why so many?
    I'll put the most common of the confusions first.
  2. Never satisfied
    YOU LEFT OUT SWANS?!!?! GET READY for the list of emojis I still want next okay.
  3. Chains, but no whip
    SOS. Can't find the new whip emoji.
  4. Weather emojis
    Overwhelming. Snow. And wind. So much snow and wind.
  5. THIS PARTICULAR weather emoji
    Seriously, what is this? Is this for people who have a phobia of facing the decision between grAy and grEy? Real fear for me. Now I can just use this emoji in sentences instead of typing anything at all!
  6. Anti-concern: coffins and urns
    The new coffin & urn emojis also show up in a simplified form for people who don't have the updated iOS system!!! Thank your lucky stars! #needtoknow
  7. What if I didn't want my pumpkin emoji carved?
  8. The tacos make me hungry