Impt. Things I Wrote About in My Lower School Diaries

  1. How weird it felt to direct all correspondences at "Diary"
    Existential angst at its finest. Who was this DIARY Character? Why did everyone write to diary? Did I always have to open with "Dear" Diary?! What if I wanted to say "HEY" ?!?! WHY DID WRITING HEY FEEL SO WEIRD?!?! What is SOCIETY?!?!
  2. "I'm never very good at keeping a diary, but here goes nothing!!!"
  3. "My idea of the perfect first date"
    Coming soon to a list app near you
  4. Crush of the week
  5. Reasons I was a witch
  6. People I planned to cast spells on
  7. The boys of summer I was definitely in love with
  8. How I knew I was definitely in love
  9. Spells I had cast during the course of the week / day
  10. Spells that had proved to be successful
  11. The complicated hierarchy of witches and warlocks over which I ruled at my school
  12. Monsters in the basement I could make up to scare my little sister
  13. Monsters in the floorboards I could make up to scare my little sister
  14. Monsters in the radiator I could make up to scare my little sister
  15. Rhymes about boys who annoyed me
  16. How to make witches brew
    All necessary items could conveniently be found within my reach around my house. I made all aspiring witches (friends, cats, definitely my little sister) drink this (potentially dangerous) witches brew during their initiation and whenever casting important spells.
  17. Demons I was pretty sure we're coming to get me
  18. Plans for my first kiss
    It was supposed to be on a beach not in a basement
  19. Lists of all of my friends
    So many friends!!!!!
  20. Thoughts on the Salem Witch Trials
  21. The best cupcake recipe ever
    "Sugar, flowr, butter, a little bit of lov"
  22. Poetry
    Some in prose form, like this piece titled "Oops": "Oops! I didn't mean to Push my sister down the stairs, or dress the cat, or move the chairs... Around. No! I didn't mean to break her china tea set, or break her Barbie's leg. What's that you say? I have to go to my room?!?!"