2. Sadness is cute why doesn't anyone like sadness let's all like sadness
  3. That face Riley makes playing in the bath and the dolphin? I feel love.
  4. Okay never mind sadness is driving me insane she must stop touching things
  5. "Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life's problems" - I do feel you girl.
  6. Mindy's eyelashes are just the best
  7. Goofball island broke and I am terrified
  8. "Think positive!" "Okay... I am positive you will get lost" HAH
  9. Oh my god. Bing Bong self sacrificed. Sobbing. Huge big tears.
    Definitely too sad to walk right now.
  10. This is not a negative comment on the movie but the credit scene with the dogs and cats was top five scenes