Some people say don't watch Amy Schumer with your parents. I say watch with your mom a take notes. The following is NONFICTION...
  1. "Should we watch this with your Dad?"
  2. "Catch a D? What's a D?"
  3. "What does deep dick mean? I'm going to Google it."
  4. "36? Yeah right. Nobody has 36 drinks in a week ever."
  5. "Dumpster?"
    Cum Dumpster, Mom. CUM DUMPSTER.
  6. "What did she just say about Planned Parenthood?"
    Nothing you need to know about.
  7. "Is that true? Do they show it to you after a bikini wax?"
  8. "What is a rub and tug? Why aren't you answering me?"
    This was a tough one because she didn't know about happy endings either.
  9. "Weed and wine and Ambien? What does Ambien do?"