Tilly the Cat goes on a hunger strike & pees all over the house every time we try to put her on diet food OR reduce the amount of food in her bowl. She lives a good life and we love her very much.
  1. My cat just can't.
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    Walking down the hall just became too difficult! Time for a break.
  3. Kitchen floor?
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    Found a dishrag, passed out on dishrag.
  4. This is just the closest she can come to curling up these days due to the amount of stomach fat she has built up
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  5. Floors... They're everywhere!
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  6. I love my cat!
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  7. Casual
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  8. Sunbath in the kitchen... I've fallen and I can't get up... Same thing right?!
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  9. Yes, still alive.
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  10. Nope, not dead, she just actually likes cuddling!
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    (This is a selfie.)
  11. Awk!!
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  12. Actually here I just thought she was a very large furry potato but nope still my cat.
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  13. Just taking a nap before she attempts going down the stairs.
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  14. Okay but large
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  15. Belly up
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