Times I Thought My Cat Was Dead but She's Not So It's Okay

Tilly the Cat goes on a hunger strike & pees all over the house every time we try to put her on diet food OR reduce the amount of food in her bowl. She lives a good life and we love her very much.
  1. My cat just can't.
    Walking down the hall just became too difficult! Time for a break.
  3. Kitchen floor?
    Found a dishrag, passed out on dishrag.
  4. This is just the closest she can come to curling up these days due to the amount of stomach fat she has built up
  5. Floors... They're everywhere!
  6. I love my cat!
  7. Casual
  8. Sunbath in the kitchen... I've fallen and I can't get up... Same thing right?!
  9. Yes, still alive.
  10. Nope, not dead, she just actually likes cuddling!
    (This is a selfie.)
  11. Awk!!
  12. Actually here I just thought she was a very large furry potato but nope still my cat.
  13. Just taking a nap before she attempts going down the stairs.
  14. Okay but large
  15. Belly up