Character is... Who iTunes thinks you are... When no one [else] is watching [movies on your account.] **SPOILER-ish?**
  1. Thirteen (Drama, 2003)
    "The unhinged joy and high angst of hitting modern adolescence with full force"
  2. Silence of the Lambs (Thriller aka Horror, 1991)
    "A young FBI trainee...must seek the counsel of imprisoned psychopath Dr. Hannibal order to track down another serial killer [who likes to dance around in girls' skins]... The genius... rests with the indelible character of Dr. Lecter, a highly educated and erudite scholar of impeccable poise and social grace - who also happens to be a cannibalistic murderer."
  3. Another Cinderella Story (Comedy, 2008)
    "[Selena Gomez], a natural born dancer at heart, as the orphaned, put upon princess-to-be, working for cruel pop star Dominique and her two horrible daughters..." I really cannot go on.