It was definitely an interesting start to my career...
  1. Babysit butterflies
    I accidentally killed a few. Whoops.
  2. Track down 75 pumpkins in July
    THEY DONT EXIST!!!! Is it really necessary to film a Halloween episode in the summer??? I did find amazing fake pumpkins called funkins.
  3. Get dragged behind an ATV on a sled on the grass
    Someone thought this would be a fun date activity for teens
  4. Swing from a fire hose (aka hold on for dear life) turned up at full blast that was being suspended in the air by a forklift
    This was actually SO MUCH FUN!
  5. Scout a house in the Hollywood Hills that was a full blown castle
    Discovered this is where many porns happen
  6. Discover my inner Picasso
    Why pay someone to set dress an art studio when I can create masterpieces! (FYI: I'm not a good artist)
  7. Type notes sitting next to 5 cats
    This is actually how I discovered my new found allergy to the furry friend. Meow.