1. Vegetables bitches!
  2. To foster self confidence and girl daughter has been taking martial arts for the past year. This is me - NOT losing the nunchucks.
  3. We bake together. They measure and learn MATH people. See how I don't mind that some cookies are gigantic and some are teeny tiny most likely burning to a crisp. After all, it's not about the finished product, it's all about the process.
  4. We go to art shows. I let my six year old son wander around with my iPhone taking photos. On this night, he only took pictures of butts. Dad pictured.
  5. I watched a YouTube video and did my daughters hair like Rey for Star Wars yoga.
  6. Totoro mugs!
  7. When all the other kids are playing dodgeball and they don't want to. I don't make them join!
  8. We spent a good part of an hour making this "fairy shelter."
  9. I take them to thrift stores and try on funny outfits so they can laugh and roll their eyes.