Sometimes I amaze myself. Recent parenting highlights.
  1. Banana Muffins at 6:30am.
  2. Then I whipped up a sugar / coconut oil body scrub.
    Look at the little wooden spoon. I'm dying.
  3. Shaved legs with said scrub.
  4. Ribs for Husband. He loves when I make him meat.
  5. Little man told me he was "bored"...which is basically worse than saying motherfucker in my book. Since he was "bored" with his toys, we decided to do a room clean out and he filled 3 garbage bags of toys for the local Dominican Sisters thrift store. He felt like a boss.
  6. Pre-ordered the new Harry Potter script that's not a book - whatever - for my potter obsessed daughter. I hope the book store does a midnight line up sort of thing.
  7. I spent a good hour coloring with my kids and banged out this Han Solo.
  8. Fondue!