1. The first exhale after delivering both my kids.
  2. When my boyfriend (now husband) whispered "I love you" at 2am where Lafayette and Centre Streets converge at the old Corner Deli. We ate grilled cheese with tomato and watched the snow blanket yellow taxis.
    The sign is still there but now it's tacos and a secret bar.
  3. The drive home from a day at the ocean. Freckled and salty.
  4. Traveling in northern Thailand when the only ATM in town broke. Five days with no money and it was pure joy.
  5. The fatigue one feels after a day of real parenting. The days you rock it when your filled with patience, compassion and abounding love.
  6. Visiting pretty much any Museum by myself.
    Some cardboard at the MOMA.
  7. Driving from NYC to Ohio with my love. It took us forever because we kept stopping to eat and have sex and shop in second hand stores.
    Here's a photo of me from that trip. Smelling a dandelion. I know, it makes no sense.
  8. Posing for a Spencer Tunick portrait in front of Gaseteria a million years ago. My daughter points out the print to her friends now. "My mom is one of these naked people."