1. The Gospel Tent @ Jazzfest.
    This is the holy grail of bliss.
  2. 3 night ago, dancing for 4 hours at a benefit for Pulse nightclub employees.
    Lots of love.
  3. Doing yoga for 45 days straight at Sivananda Yoga on West 24th in Chelsea.
  4. Taking my 3 month old son to chant with Krishna Das.
    We were doubly blissed out. One of my more hippy moments.
  5. Making percolated coffee at sunrise camping at a place called Little Pond in the Catskills.
    Me drinking said coffee.
  6. Sweat lodge on the bay. Trippy.
  7. Going to see my friends' band night after night after night until the band finally splits. Screaming, dancing and sweating until you have to run outside for fresh air.
  8. Wearing zebra print pants in New Orleans.
    Was a good foundation for debauchery.
  9. Being silly with my family.
    Here we are on Halloween.