Where did James Corden come from? I missed his takeover from Craig Ferguson; suddenly there was this new kid in my late show suggestions on YouTube. He got my attention with his carpool karaoke segment. An early one with Mariah Carey showed this guy had the goods. He knows all the lyrics, harmonizes, & seems to be genuinely enjoying himself.
  1. Adele
    It's Adele. She's hilarious, they're both British, her songs are made for campy singalongs, and she seemed to be relaxed and truly enjoying herself in the car. Highlights: Spice Girls and Nikki Minaj karaoke. Killed it. Best Carpool Karaoke ever.
  2. Broadway edition feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    I'm just all about the Hamilton, baby! This was fantastic enough with just Lin but then everybody else gets in the car for Seasons of Love and One Day More and it's a little overwhelming.
  3. Justin Bieber vol. 2
    Big box, little box, cardboard box. 'Nuff said. Honourable mention to the Post-Grammy drive.
  4. One Direction
    I think it was around this time I became a 1D fan, to the extent that, while Harry is clearly the most charismatic of the bunch, Liam is more my taste. This one is just maximum fan girl zone. Also, I find men harmonizing mildly erotic. So, I like this very much.
  5. Sia
    It's just awesome to watch Sia belt it. And James keeps up! The double jointed hands holding a dozen eggs was crazy and her story about why she hides her face is worth knowing.