In the ShopRite produce department, no less.
  1. I'm selecting apples and listening to Lexicon by Max Barry
    Go now. Read it or listen to it. I'll wait. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Grandfatherly figure approaches me. He has a paper in his hand - probably a shopping list.
  3. He asks, "Are yams and sweet potatoes the same thing?"
    Definitely a shopping list. Wife told him to get yams.
  4. I'm chagrined. I tell him that I always thought they were, but I really have no idea.
    Last time I bought sweet potatoes it was to feed home-made squishy sweet potatoes to an infant.
  5. He thanks me and walks away.
  6. I consider how little I know about these tubers
    Sweet potatoes make tasty chips and poor excuses for French fries. Yams are what the Yanomamo Tribe uses as currency when they aren't lying around in hammocks.
  7. I consider the marginal cost of googling the question in an area of questionable cell coverage
    By the time the answer comes up, someone else will just tell him
  8. I consider the marginal utility of finally knowing the answer
    How much more fulfilled will I be having this information, which is completely useless to me.
  9. I glance at the guy, standing in front of the sweet potatoes and wondering what he should do.
    Probably calculating the marginal cost of coming home with nothing versus the wrong thing.
  10. Interwebs to the rescue!
  11. "Yes, all so-called “yams” are in fact sweet potatoes."
  12. The guy was delighted. He could buy the sweet potatoes and not disappoint his wife.
    Or, at least, he can blame the girl in the produce section with her confounded cell phone.
  13. Another marriage saved by the power of the Internet!
    You're welcome, America!