October is a birthday-heavy month in my family. (Probably because late January and February are so darn cold in the Northeast and with nightfall 4:00 pm, there isn't much else to do but snuggle and whatnot.)
  1. Patrick Moroney
    Brother-in-law, Brewmaster, computer/tech guy, guitar player/collector, port wine drinker, dad, and devoted husband to my sister Liz. Pat and Liz married when I was 16, so he was perfect for her until I was in college and knew everything, and I wondered if his occasional anger and Liz's quiet calm wasn't a sign of Liz's will being subjugated. Pissed me off! By my mid-20s, I recognized my own pretension and ignorance. Pat and Liz complement each other perfectly, and I love Pat very much.
  2. Julia Wizeman
    Persnickety niece extraordinaire, Jules has driven my sister Monica utterly bonkers for the last 21 years, first with a harrowing brush with death in infancy and since then with all the complexity and challenges of raising a bright Aspy girl. Fitting this glorious square peg into the round hole of majority social behavior will never be easy for Julia, and I love her because of her quirks, not in spite of them.