Franny loves you all equally.
  1. Williams
    Bad-ass on the court and off. Great female role models who trounce the blonde-haired, blue-eyed stick figure definition of beauty. I'd vote for a Venus/Serena ticket in '16.
  2. de Havilland/Fontaine
    Ain't no grudge like a de Havilland/Fontaine grudge. #respect
  3. Bronte
    Emily, Charlotte, and Zeppo. I mean, Anne.
  4. Boleyn
    Ann takes Mary's leavings, bringing about more than 100 years of Catholic/Protestant violence, and gets beheaded after giving birth to one of the most bad-ass female leaders ever. Beat that, Britney and Jamie Lynn!
  5. Sledge
    They've just begun to get their share of the world's delights!
  6. Wilson
    What do Nancy and Ann do when everybody's insane? Go crazy on you. That's what.
  7. Andrews
    Patty, Maxine, and LaVerne's velvety smooth 3-part harmony popularized the rum and Coke and kept the USO hopping in WWII.
  8. Kappa Kappa Tau
    Happy Channeloween!
  9. Codd
    My biological sisters: Maria, Monica, Elizabeth, and Evelyn. And Corrie, my sister from another mister. I'm contractually obligated to give them a shout-out at every opportunity.
  10. School Sisters of Notre Dame
    Former principals of St. Mary's School, Bethel, CT: Sr. Anne and Sr. Alberta. Both dedicated educators and great lovers of life (albeit Red Sox fans).