Little acts of protest against the man, the Feds, and anyone else who wants to tell me what to do.
  1. "Meth Mom" ❤️ sudafed.
    What can you do when your nose is running and the gummint believes you're getting your cook on? You can ask the lovely pharmacy tech for a "bump of pseudephedrine," and protest stupid-ass laws with the signature of your choice.
  2. Accessory Mandates at the Bank
    Screw you, Mr. Banker, I always wear shades when I enter the bank because they are my corrective lenses. I wear a hat half the time, too, because it gets freaking cold in New England. Yeah!
  3. Never Yield to Oncoming Tow Trucks
    Your flashing yellow lights mean nothing to me. I pull over for the Volunteer Firefighter, with his meaningless flashing blue lights, because I choose to.