Yes, I'm older than most ListAppers. But, then again, get off my lawn.
  1. Bruce Springsteen's appeal has almost started making sense
    Until last year, I never opted to listen to his brand of baby boomer rock. I still think his working-class-regular-Joe persona is a bit much for a multi-millionaire mansion-dweller Rock God, but I bought Thunder Road last year, thinking that he might be saying something worth hearing. It didn't last: I proceeded to sing new lyrics about my 11 yr old's ski team, which is probably why I thought of Bruce in the first place. (Woah, Thunder Ridge! Blah blah blah reach the finish line!)
  2. I am not interested in watching shows with body horror
    Definitely a generational thing here because my millennial kiddies like them. I'm not squeamish or appalled by excessive violence in media. I'm just not interested, no matter how well-written and executed they are. Same thing with gratuitous sex. (Where "gratuitous" = any scene where Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, or Michael Fassbender are not partially clothed.)
  3. I love Big Band music
    From the afterlife, my dad is smirking his appreciation of this development. I certainly screamed enough to have that awful Big Band crap turned off for even a minute when I was growing up. Seriously, if it wasn't the Yankee game on the radio, it was the Make Believe Ballroom. Or it was Christmas music. Year round.
  4. I was LGBT unfriendly in my teens
    Not proud of this. Ashamed, actually. I wasn't aggressively hostile - I never bashed - but I could have been an ally to the 1 out lesbian couple in HS instead of shunning them like everyone else. My college was very LGB-friendly, so I got over myself. T-friendliness is more recent development. My teen is non-binary gender and I am super grateful to Gen Y/Millennials for leading acceptance, marriage equality. I'm glad my kid isn't growing up with me and my peers 'cuz we sucked.
  5. Opera appreciation is inevitable, as is classical music
    I'm sure if hubby didn't loathe opera, I'd already be a fan. I have a growing library of operatic music on my iPod. So it's just a matter of time and opportunity.
  6. I've given my blood pressure and cholesterol levels a second thought
    Genetics and diet have always been on my side, I'd actually given them a second thought at my last physical. (I.e., oh yeah. I'm supposed to think about that at my age. Excellent cardiac profile? Good! Thinking done. But maybe a supplement wouldn't hurt.)
  7. I'm halfway through my working years but nowhere near halfway prepared to retire
    My problem, really. Or should I say, my children's problem since those crumb-snatchers caused the problem and I'm going to have to freeload off someone in my dotage.
  8. But I still think I can get away with wearing ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and no make-up.
    Up to you whether this is good or bad. Franny badger don't give a fuck.