Deep thoughts and mathematical equations
  1. The "Contrite Hitler" Problem
    How does a Catholic reconcile God's infinite mercy with the idea that Hitler would have been forgiven if he made a good confession and were truly contrite? The question is hypothetical but "Hitler in Heaven" is repugnant. Today I remembered purgatory. As Cersei Lannister knows, forgiveness does not preclude punishment. "Contrite Hitler" only avoids hell; he still faces a LONG TIME in purgatory working off genocide. Only Darth Vader gets a deathbed reprieve and goes directly to heaven.
  2. Incidence of Highway Road Work = 1/Time Remaining Before I Am Late.
    Trust me in this one. I'd show you the mathematical proof, but I'm ADHD and hi squirrel gosh it's beautiful out today. Coffee time!
  3. My dog's ability to reach my unguarded lunch on the counter = amount uneaten * my hunger/my perceived tastiness of food. My dog is really freaking smart.
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  4. New pronunciation for the letter "X"
    It's pronounced "shit," or "damn it!" I was taking a computerized diagnostic test for ADHD. All I had to do was NOT hit the space bar when "X" flashed on the screen. If doc wants YouTube stardom, all he'd need is a hidden camera in the testing room. (For research purposes, of course.)
  5. The Pipeline from Sex Abuse to Prison
    I attended a briefing of the White House Council on Women and Girls yesterday. I shouldn't be surprised by the correlation between being a victim of sex abuse -> acting out to->bad decisions ->drugs ->criminal behavior, but I just don't deal with the criminal justice system so I've been oblivious. I will be looking into how my state treats girls in the justice system. Mistake-makers in need of help so they have a REAL chance at life, or bad seeds in need of punishment and disdain?
  6. I Should Have Tried to Sleep on the Train Yesterday
    1:21 am train to DC; 4:02 pm train back to CT. Got no more than 2 hrs sleep on way down and was SPENT by the time I got home ~11 pm. And wiped out today. I was too busy trying to check out that Silver Fox 2 tables away in cafe car. But I couldn't see him without my glasses, which I don't need for close work, so it would have been too obvious. (If I were single, obvious checking out of Mr. Silver Fox would have been fine. But I'm not and scoping out of eye candy may only be enjoyed on the DL.)