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i turn 24 on monday, so here's a little reflection on the past year.
  1. i took a nine month break from men, under the guise of working on myself and my career path and starting to love ME alone, single, without any men straggling on the outskirts so i could reach out when i needed validation. i didn't think i'd really do it, or if i did that it would make a difference.
  2. but here i am, a bit over a year after moving home from new york and leaving publishing, what i thought would be my career, and i'm happy.
  3. i got a job at the library. if i couldn't work with books in one way, i'd try another. and i thought, maybe this'll be something, but maybe it will just get me back on my feet so i can move on to what i really want to do.
    which is...writing? grad school? becoming a professor? i had no clue.
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charli xcx is my hero
  1. Michael Cera playing with a kitten
  2. John Boyega eating spaghetti
  3. Shemar Moore using a typewriter
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  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Canceling plans
  3. 3.
    Being high
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Inspired by @jessknuckey I'm also open to more suggestions!
  1. First Crush
    First grade. His name was Tyler, and a rumor went around later that he kissed Amanda in the coat closet. My little heart was crushed.
  2. First Concert
    Britney Spears. 1999. Hershey Park. I was in first grade and we took my friend Jaclyn. My brother also went and wore a Britney tshirt to bed for the next ten years. I wore pigtails and too much glitter. It was amazing.
  3. First Play I Performed In
    The Wizard of Oz in 2000. I was a poppy and a member of the lullaby league. A beautiful older girl named Olivia did my makeup.
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Just finished my binge. If you haven't watched it yet GET ON IT, Y'ALL I'M CRYING
  1. 10.
    Door #3 (ep. 7)
    I can't even find a gif from this episode. Helped move it along, but nothing great.
  2. 9.
    First Date (ep. 4)
    Great episode, just not up to par with the others.
  3. 8.
    The Dinner Party (ep. 5)
    John Legend? Beginning of #devcesca
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  1. My name is Kim
  2. My age is so much
  3. I live in a different world 🌎
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  1. S-Town
    DUH. Technically this was the end of March, but I haven't done one of these lists in 2017, so.
  2. My old seasonal playlists on Spotify.
    I just plugged my phone in. Do NOT worry.
  3. Big Little Lies
    Also duh
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  1. when less and fewer are used correctly
  2. the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack
  3. a clean kitchen
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  1. A text from my mom about another B&N that's closing
  2. The realization that someone I consider a best friend doesn't want me to be happy, and in fact works to end that happiness whenever possible
  3. Suicidal ideation
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A friend just asked about something that happened during this summer, and it occurred to me that this was probably the craziest summer of my life. (Unedited and unpredictable THIS IS LIFE W/O DRAFTS)
  1. Firefly music festival. We were dirty for four days and we were drunk or high for most of that time too. I slept with a Canadian 10 years my senior in his two person tent. I saw Chance and Childish and I danced harder than I've ever danced.
  2. Boyfriend. Though we never used that term, we dated for three months, worked together every day, and hung out at nights. We both lived with our parents. We always had to get up for work at 6 am the next day. We'd always known the relationship was coming, but never let it reach its full potential.
  3. Waitstaff parties. The kind I never went to in high school, when you're supposed to lie about where you're going and get drunk in someone's backyard. Bags of wine hanging from tree branches, jungle juice full of boozy fruit, cigarettes in the sticky heat.
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