1. Uh I love you all???? And 100 followers is huge for me considering only about 3 of my followers know me in real life.
  2. I'm very pleased to get to know all of you and I LOVE the support the list app has shown me in the few short months I've been using it.
  3. Shout out to my girls who are always there to like and comment on my lists: @lesbian @alanarogerrrrs @chloeabzzz @jannychan @dubstep @SpaceCase @tran @margaretyoko
  4. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone??)
  5. And thanks to @nathanveshecco for letting me stalk him @theranman for setting up the writing turn groups (I'm so excited about it).
  6. And I'm just so 😍😍😍
  7. Also follow @snark bc I made him get this app and his lists are 👌
  8. Okay here is a selfie that didn't make it onto my list last night bc I LOVE YOU ALL
    I'm falling down a hill. Selfie time??