I mostly read good (and bad) tumblr poetry, bc it's easy to access, but these are my standards when I need inspiration as of now.
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    1. Richard Siken
    Someone I admire showed me one of his poems and I have never been the same. His imagery, his pain, his honesty. This is how I want to write. He's the Chuck Palahniuk of poetry, except there's softness and I don't get bored.
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    Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out
    This is my favorite poem ever. I have probably read it a hundred times. This is an excerpt, but you should read the whole thing: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/177722
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    Detail of the Fire
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    Seriously, go to his website and read the poems that are there, but if you really want him to fuck you up, you gotta read one of the books. He is a genius.
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    2. Clementine Von Radics
    I found her on tumblr and bought her book Mouthful of Forevers which is BEAUTIFUL and I read it in like 20 minutes, and then many many times since.
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    This is the one all over tumblr.
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    This one hurts.
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    I have like 6 more I took pictures of, but honestly you should look her up or buy one of her books bc she doesn't disappoint.
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    3. Trista Mateer
    I found her through Clementine/tumblr. I messaged her recently about writing a poem vaguely inspired by hers and she urged me to post it ☺️
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    Damn again
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    Also this one
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    I don't have any books of hers, but I'm sure they're stunning. You can find a lot of her poems on her tumblr.
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    4. Matthew Dickman
    Funny enough, I found him by googling "poets similar to Richard Siken" and he killed me. Punchy but pretty.
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    Black Ice and Sky
    Sorry about this screenshot. I tried. Read both of these poems: http://www.theparisamerican.com/matthew-dickman-poetry.html
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    Minimum Wage
    I really like this one. Bonus! You can hear him read it, if you're into that sort of thing. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/10/12/minimum-wage
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    Well 3/4 of these poets are queer, so I know where my priorities are.
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    I hope you like them and if you have any poetry suggestions, I am always open to them!! πŸ’•
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    Maybe I'll post my own poetry on here some day, but it's not half as good as this stuff πŸ™ˆ