Also known as: my obsessions.
  1. Baja Blast
    Just fuck me up. I know gross gamer guys are obsessed with Mountain Dew, but this specific flavor is my lifeblood.
  2. Taco Bell
    Not sure how this happened bc I used to think it was overrated. There might be drugs in their cheese.
  3. Twin Peaks
    This show is v important to me. Idc that my ex has a TP tattoo. I CAN LOVE IT TOO
  4. House of Cards
    Frank is an asshole, but Claire is my favorite person. I've watched the whole series three times.
  5. The Front Bottoms
    My best friend bought me two of their albums on vinyl for Christmas last year 😭
  6. Kanye
    Giphy downsized medium
    Really not sure how this happened, but I'm officially the Kanye expert in the minds of pretty much everyone I know.
  7. Hot dogs
    I don't need your judgement. Thanks.
  8. Gin
    Amanda bought me a mini bottle the last time I saw her bc she saw it and thought of me. That doesn't SOUND like a good thing???
  9. Twitter
    Tbh I'm sorry about this. I tweet too much. I can't stop.