In the adult form of a mixed case title. Also, I've heard back from NONE OF THESE PLACES!!! 🎉🎉🎉 (I'm really not bitter about it, I swear. I'm excited to go home for a bit.)
  1. Social Media for POPSUGAR
    No response
  2. Editorial Assistant at Teen Vogue
    No response
  3. Editorial Assistant for the Creative Development Team at HarperCollins
    No response
  4. Editorial Assistant at Razorbill, teen imprint of Penguin Random House
    No response
  5. Intern at Reply All, my favorite podcast
    No response, but this doesn't start until the end of August. There's time maybe???
  6. Publishing Assistant for Atria Books, imprint of Simon & Schuster
    No response
  7. Publicity Assistant for Hachette Books
    No response. Met the HR lady at the career fair and she was terrifying.
  8. Editorial Assistant for St. Martin's Books, my favorite imprint of Macmillan
    No response
  9. Marketing Assistant for St. Martin's Books, bc I'm an idiot and didn't realize I applied for two jobs for the same imprint one day apart
    I emailed the HR rep I met at the career fair and she asked which job I preferred and I was all "lol give me ANY JOB" and now I'm blacklisted from ever applying to a Macmillan job again. (Jk. I hope.)
  10. Publicity Assistant at Knopf, my favorite imprint (of all time??) at Penguin Random House
    No response, prob bc my cover letter was like "I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU GUYS"
  11. Editorial Assistant at Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster
    No response
  12. Editorial Assistant at 37Ink, Simon & Schuster
    No response
  13. Editorial Assistant at Regan Arts
    Email to confirm receipt of application, but nothing since
  14. Publications Associate at Samuel French, Inc
    They specialize in plays and musicals! No response
  15. Part-time bookseller, Barnes and Noble
    This was yesterday, so I haven't given up hope yet
  16. Library Associate-Adult Services, Cecil county public library
    Applied to this like an hour ago, so REALLY haven't given up hope here.
  17. Tbh there are probably more that I forgot about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯