Starting off this list app spring cleaning (excellent idea @BWN_7) with a poem I wrote this past summer that's been sitting in my drafts for forever!!
  1. "A" is for
  2. apple seeds
  3. anaphylactic shock
  4. aquariums
  5. arms
  6. anthills
  7. it’s for the anxiety deep in my stomach that burrows into the soft, pink lining like it wants to be planted there forever.
  8. it’s for antarctica and that Of Montreal song about pretending you don’t exist. do you remember that i used to listen to that album every time i walked in the rain to our class together? i might have never told you because you didn’t like them and i only wanted to like what you liked.
  9. it's for alarm clocks, which are romantic, in a way.
  10. it’s for arms, too, and i know i said that already, but i specifically mean your arms, with their protruding veins and aging scars. i mean your arms when they rested behind my head or over my body to keep me from leaving the comfort of that tiny bed.
  11. it’s for that ache in your chest when you hear a song for the first time that you know is going to stay with you forever. you’ll put it on repeat for as long as you can stand and you won’t stop until the pressure has lifted.
  12. it’s for aching knees after playing softball with your friends in that park down the road on a day that feels like a Monet painting.
  13. it’s for aching eyes after you stay up five hours too late to talk to the girl across the sea who asks you what animal you’d be in the afterlife.
  14. it’s for my aching heart when i see my dad struggle to tie his hospital gown as he lifts his healing body from the bed.
  15. it's for ambiguity and adaptation. it's for acceptance.