I went to visit my sister in Virginia and it was gr8 💖👯💐
  1. On my drive down. Leads to a great website asking MD's governor to make an endorsement for president.
  2. Lunch
    House smoked salmon sandwich on homemade bread which was 😍
  3. 💐
  4. Did an enneagram test. Freakishly accurate.
  5. Champagne mojitos
  6. Sunset on rooftop bar
  7. Fanciest restaurant ever
  8. Fried oysters
  9. Chicken
    We had SO MUCH FOOD
  10. Fuckin fancy
  11. In the elevator on my way out
  12. Three hours home bc of traffic 😩
  13. This was two days ago but I've been so busy/sleepy that i forgot to post!!
  14. Happy Easter to y'all that celebrate 💕🐣🌷