A few things to say!!
  1. I am one follower short of 500 (wtF y'all I love you. You have no idea)
  2. And while that seems like the ideal time to pump up my content on here, I'm not going to
  3. I'm going to take a short break. HOPEFULLY. I've never been successful at hiatuses before.
  4. BUT I move to New York on Sunday for my NYU program.
  5. I'm hella stressed. Like the most stressed. I can't think of one thing in my entire life that I'm NOT stressed about right now.
  6. And trying to keep up with social media, though that's usually one of my favorite things to do, has become a crutch entirely.
  7. I'm supposed to be doing work, or cleaning, or packing, or getting ready to hang out with someone because I have less than a week left in Maryland, and instead I find myself on social media.
  8. Can't do it right now. Gotta jet.
  9. My plan is to just turn off notifications for list, insta, and twitter (I already don't have them on for fb and I can't turn them off for snapchat bc I'm not some kind of MONSTER)
  10. But I will definitely be around on Twitter. I'm not a cold turkey kind of gal and my brain is wired to come up with 2-5 witty tweets per day, so I can't waste those!!
  11. Come see me there if you miss me, but I'll be back on here by next weekend—or maybe earlier if I can't resist.
  12. HAVE A LOVELY WEEK 💕💖😘✌️