Inspired by @dustinboone. Is this a dumb list??
  1. Anguish
    it's my last name and v important to my personality tbh
  2. Books are the most important
  3. Crop tops 💕
  4. (The) Dark Knight
  5. English
    my passion
  6. (The) Front Bottoms
  7. Gin
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Intersectional feminism!!!
  10. Jeopardy!
    I watch every night, no lie
  11. KIM duh
  12. Lolita
    my favorite book
  13. MacBook Air 💻
  14. Not using the N-word as a white person
    stop doing it STOP stop 🚫
  15. Overly sensitive to other people's opinions of me
  16. Prague
  17. Quick to fall for everyone
  18. Rich older men
    this is a goal for 2k16
  19. Sex
  20. Thigh highs ✨
  21. Unwilling to let things go (stubborn stubborn stubborn)
  22. Virginity is a social construct
  23. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    starring Gene Wilder, naturally
  24. X-files
    Sike this is so misleading. I've only watched the first season i'M SORRY
  25. Yeezus 💽
  26. Zac Efron
    I will not apologize