Hello, whoever is reading this. This is for you, not my secret Santa, obviously. Just a couple things I thought you should know about me...
  1. I don't like chocolate.
    Look, Reese's and kit kats are good. Chocolate covered pretzels can get it. But plain chocolate? I will give it away without trying bc I'm trash.
  2. I love mix CDs. Like a lot. They're my favorite.
  3. I like reading ☺️
  4. I love handwritten notes and cute doodles.
  5. I'm interested in what YOU'RE interested in and would love to know more about it. Also where are you from? Do you have a picture or postcard I can have??
  6. Coffee 💕 Earl grey tea 💘 Wine 💖
  7. Also, if you've read even one of my lists, I'm sure you know I'm unhealthily obsessed with Taco Bell.