1. Guys, I want to stay in New York City. I really really do.
  2. But can I commit to this??
  3. I'm trying to find a job—so everybody send good thoughts and love and prayers, if that's what you do, because this is damn hard.
  4. My mom wants to buy my car.
    Which is really really nice because then she can deduct what I owe her now, and I'll still have several thousand dollars to use for a broker, the deposit on the apartment I will hopefully find, and whatever else I need to get started.
  5. But then I won't have a car. Which, in NYC, is totally fine. However, what if I don't make it here? And then I don't have a car??
  6. Oh my god, does everyone have this much anxiety every two goddamn months about where their life is going? Bc I'm sick of it.
  7. On the bright side, I read this really good book.
  8. And had brunch with my family
  9. And saw a Broadway show and had drinks with my family.
  10. Me n my dad are tw1n$
  11. My brother's shirt was wrinkled
  12. I had amazing bruschetta pizza after dancing my ass off
  13. I read another really good book.
  14. Whatever I do will be okay.
  15. Sorry I'm making boring update lists every damn time instead of EXCITING CONTENT but I'm not very good at handling life, if you haven't noticed 😇