I never got a request from @nathanveshecco (and I'm not bitter about it 💁) so I decided to do a SPIN on the fave songs/album lists that are going around. Bear in mind I had an older brother (a senior when I was a freshman) so this may make me sound cooler than I was.
  1. OK Computer // Radiohead
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  2. In Rainbows // Radiohead
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  3. ...Is a Real Boy // Say Anything
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    And ...Was a Real Boy, but that's kind of included
  4. Gimme Fiction // Spoon
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  5. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga // Spoon
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  6. Want One // Rufus Wainwright
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    Saw Rufus live 3x in hs 💕
  7. Want Two // Rufus Wainwright
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  8. Poses // Rufus Wainwright
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  9. Everybody // Ingrid Michaelson
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    And Girls and Boys and Human Again. I saw Ingrid live twice while I was in hs.
  10. Ben Folds Live // Ben Folds
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  11. Begin to Hope // Regina Spektor
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  12. Soviet Kitsch // Regina Spektor
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    Badass lady
  13. Comfort Eagle // Cake
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    And later Fashion Nugget
  14. Twentysomething // Jamie Cullum
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    I was not a twentysomething so I probably didn't get it. Also how British is this album cover?
  15. Alright, Still // Lily Allen
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    Another badass lady
  16. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out // Panic! At the Disco
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    I know this came out while I was in middle school, but I was late
  17. Vampire Weekend // Vampire Weekend
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  18. Sounds Like This // Eric Hutchinson
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  19. Good News For People Who Love Bad News // Modest Mouse
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  20. the bird and the bee // the bird and the bee
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    Also check out their Hall & Oates cover album 😍
  21. The Fame Monster // Lady Gagay
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    Gaga is talented. Don't deny it.
  22. The Blue Album // Weezer
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    Look at these BABIES. Saw them twice too ❤️
  23. Room on Fire // The Strokes
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  24. Every Beatles Album Every
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    Thanks to my mom who owns them all on vinyl and played nothing else for us as children/our whole lives.