Inspired by @alexim and @TQ
    They were the headliner at my school's fall show one year. Went for 21p, left after Sail bc this band SUCKS live
  2. B- Britney Spears
    1999, my first concert
  3. C- Chance the Rapper
  4. D- Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)
    Look at me cheating bc I couldn't choose between childish and chance 🙃
  5. E- ???? There's gotta be an E band I've seen
  6. F- The Front Bottoms
    And again next month. I can't wait!!!
  7. G- Girl Talk
  8. H- Hoodie Allen
    I had free tickets but damn, this show was terrible
  9. I- Ingrid Michaelson
  10. J- Jesse McCartney
    Twice BYE
  11. K- Kanye West
    Debatably the best night of my life
  12. L- The Lumineers
    Wait I just remembered Local Natives!!! They were amazing!
  13. M- Matt and Kim
    They're so fuckin cute
  14. N- The 1975 (ok come on, pretend this works for N)
    Uhhhh they were at a twenty one pilots show I went to and I hated them SORRY EVERYONE. But honestly wtf is his hair?? I was so distracted
  15. O- Outkast
  16. P- Panic! at the Disco
    Twice 😁
  17. Q- come on.....
  18. R- Rufus Wainwright
    Twice 😁
  19. S- San Fermin
    Pls look them up if you don't know them
  20. T- twenty one pilots
    Three times, oh lord. My sons.
  21. (I'm about to start flat out cheating sorry)
  22. U- pUrity ring
    The light effects were inCREDible
  23. V- Vampire Weekend
    Okay but not actually bc it was at a festival and my friend and I got too high and had to leave 😔😔😔😔 #regrets
  24. W- Weezer
  25. X- ian aXel
    Before he was a great big world
  26. Y-
  27. Z-
  28. Okay I give up this was SO HARD 😩