Requested by Li.z


THANK YOU for requesting and I am so sorry this took so long
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    This feels very vulnerable, and it's made even harder by the fact that both of my OG list app friends aren't on here currently.
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    BUT I love you all and I want to share some of what I'm doing.
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    So, I have a tumblr that I share with Laurel Ann where we both post poetry, but besides the fact that idk if she wants me to post it here, idk if I want to myself.
    We started it years ago and there's a lot that I'm not proud of there.
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    So I started a hello poetry account and I am posting it here for you guys to see! I don't have much up there yet, and a lot of it is kind of old, but I hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Pleaaaaase feel free to leave any comments or critiques here!!
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    AND if you have a HP account, tumblr, or other blog with your own writing on it, I'd love to see it, so I'm making this suggestible ☺️
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