1. My Hair is Big and My Music Taste is Bad: Welcome to High School
  2. Drum Major of the Marching Band AKA Coolest Girl in School
  3. Should I Go to Catholic School for Another Four Years?
  4. My First Year of School Without a Uniform
  5. Virginity is a Social Construct and Now My Social Construct is Gone
  6. Why Do People Think I'm So Innocent? Is It the Glasses?
  7. I Fell in Love in England and Now I'm Leaving Forever
  8. Crying on Public Transport
  9. There's a Hole in My Heart
  10. What Do I Want to Do With My Life? A Tale of Changing Majors
  11. I Just Finished My Last Final Exam: Is Life Over?
  12. Six Years at the Same Job
  13. Czech Me Out! Moving to Prague
  14. Everything is so Cheap in Prague: Beer, Drugs, & Food
  15. Crying Every Day
  16. Crying on Public Transport Part II
  17. Coming Home to Taco Bell
  18. Unemployed and Directionless
  19. I Found Meaning in Life Again in the Form of The List App