Inspired by @chloeabzzz and way less cool than hers 💁 Also guess what guys, ANOTHER SELFIE LIST. I love myself bye
  1. RED. My friends in college let me do this??? I can't believe them honestly
  2. It is absurdly red
  3. This is the only way I like it–straightened and drunk at a Ke$ha concert
    Peep that man in the back left LOVIN IT
  4. Okay senior year I tried to do a lavender ombré and...I'm afraid I blue myself.
  5. It went through a lot of changes as I kept up with it over the next six months or so. This is SUPER blue
    At the Renaissance festival
  6. Faded
    At Halloween
  7. Almost purple!!
  8. Cool purple and blue that I caught in a video lol but look how cute Tara is 💕
    Her 21st bday at a casino
  9. And then pretty subtle and faded
  10. Now I have no color bc I'm trying to be an adult 😔 but at least my glasses are better.