Requested by @jennamarie
This is SUCH a hard request. Feels like I'm just finding subtle ways to brag ☺️
  1. Glasses
    Fair. I'm actually in love with my glasses and I think they're the best-looking ones I've ever owned!
  2. Hair
    If you complement my hair I will kiss yoU ON YOUR FACE. I have been self-conscious about my hair since I had discernible thoughts, so it means a lot when someone likes it.
  3. Fashion
    This one always cracks me up bc I'm a MESS. But also makes me feel really warm inside bc I think what I wear is a projection of my personality.
  4. Funny
    Yeah I'm FUCKIN HILARIOUS. Actually though, when people who don't know me very well make the mistake of giving me this compliment, it goes straight to my gigantic head ☺️
  5. Eyebrows
    My college roommate was obsessed with how expressive my brows are and told everyone we met about them. I think they feel obligated to give a compliment after that.
  6. I'm just plain charming, guys. V unsure why anyone is friends with me lmao 🙃🙃🙃