A day in the life of me. These are funny ok
  1. Been on tinder again for a day and saw someone from hs (who I actually just saw this weekend). Read bio!
    Swiped right, obvi. Bc I make everyone CONFRONT THIS
  2. Thought this was obvious?? Nope.
    He'd been drinking for 12 hours when I saw him this weekend and didn't remember hanging out with me 😩
  3. Swiped right for the dog only
  4. Also tinder's excellent grammar
  5. FB stickers get me
  6. I'm laughing
  7. Two hours late. Thanks, dad
  8. YES
  9. Okay @online and I have found a guy from buzzfeed videos who we are in love with
    R u seeing this (look at those goddamn HIP DIPS)
  10. Our responses
  11. He's definitely gay btw. But girls can DREAM
  12. Also I'm planning to go to bed before 10 PM tonight bc this week is about to be LIT and I need to rest up 💯