Inspired by @mirthnuts with whom I am in love
  1. Listen to twenty one pilots
    And Vessel was incredible and I saw them live three times and then their new album came out? And HEATHENS?? Which is literal shit and now I'm upset I ever liked them at all
  2. Listen to comedy bang bang episodes with Harris Wittels
    Who then (like literally a week later) died and then I was stuck listening to every single podcast episode he'd ever been on and crying while I worked
  3. Watch Westworld
    It's ruinING MY LIFE
  4. Watch Twin Peaks
    I will never look like the beautiful women of twin peaks and I will never drink such good coffee or eat such good pie and donuts and the aesthetic of that show is what I crave in my life but I will never have it
  5. Write poems about them
    They're bad and on the internet and anyone could see them
  6. Date them
    Waste of time
  7. Read Invisible Monsters
    Which is an amazing book, but every other Chuck Palahniuk book is exactly the same but less good and I just keep trying to read them, and now I own every single one but I don't LIKE any of them except IM and I lent it to my dad and he gave it away and now the only book I actually liked of Palahniuk's is gone and I have the rest that I will never read again or give away because I don't like them and my brother bought me a signed copy of Pygmy for my birthday and what do I do with that??