Inspired by @victoriaedel. Love this idea!!
  1. 3
    Number of times I've seen the entirety of House of Cards
  2. 3
    Number of times my best friend and I were double cast in a role in high school theatre bc my director thought we were exactly the same?? Rude
  3. 6.5
    The number of years I was in marching band (hs and college)
  4. 7
    The number of skater skirts I own ✨
  5. 9
    Number of years I've played the oboe.
  6. 20
    The number of podcasts I'm subscribed to on the podcast app on my iPhone
  7. 45
    The number of times I streamed Self Esteem by Andrew Jackson Jihad according to Spotify. That one's on a CD in my car too so it's absolutely more than that. (Work anthem this summer✨)
  8. ~90
    The legitimate number of times I've watched The Dark Knight.
  9. 329
    The number of streams Spotify says I have for Father John Misty in 2015. But I also have both of his albums on CDs in my car. And I can play them on offline mode in Spotify. So it's DEFINITELY way more than that..
  10. 14.7K
    The number of tweets I've made since I got my Twitter in 2008 🙈
  11. 28,000
    The number of minutes I listened to Spotify this year 🙈
  12. roughly 4 million
    Number of times a week I say "oh I don't like that"