1. I got one of those banners at the top of my feed today that said it's your ex's birthday!! We thought you wouldn't want to miss the chance to wish him a happy birthday.
  2. Actually no thanks.
  3. The fuckin nostalgia factor has taken over and every day, it seems, I get on to a notification about someone I'm not friends with anymore, or an ex, or people who used to mean so much to me who haven't spoken to me in months.
  4. Don't get me started on the fact that my first love spent Christmas with his most recent ex girlfriend's family?? And my feed was littered with photos of them all in cutesy hats and poses???
  5. I mean, we all know the fake news is an issue and Facebook is just reinforcing the ability to share information without checking if it's accurate, but if I could stop having to see "there are a million friendships in the world, but only one like yours" videos with floating balloons wearing sunglasses, that would be cool.
  6. I already tried to delete my Facebook, but I need it for Spotify. Goddamnit.
  7. It's not even 9 am and I'm fired UP goodbye