1. I reread one of my favorite books and cried and now I feel different
  2. I started a novel today and I don't know if it'll ever become anything but I'm proud of me for trying
  3. I hope my fuck buddy from Virginia never contacts me again
    I told him to leave me alone bc he won't stop sending me propaganda about clinton's illness
  4. I miss Kelsey already
    She is such a good friend
  5. I told another guy to fuck off and he really hurt me and I'm mad about it
    You're*, asshole
  6. Rewatching Scream for the 5000th time
  7. Drinking sangria
  8. I got a job at Barnes and Noble and I'm going for my second day of training tomorrow, even though it makes me feel like I'm not getting an "adult" job or whatever
  9. I went on a date last week with a really sweet guy who likes me a lot and would treat me well and even though it went well, I am extREMEly hesitant bc I don't want to date anyone now.
    I feel like I always change myself for the people I date and then I come to my senses and realize I never even felt that strongly about them and they treated me like crap.
  10. omG I know Billy from Scream is a literal murderer, but the fact that he bullies Sidney into sex makes me madder than anything else.
  11. Emoji cup