Inspired by @jessicaz I'm also open to more suggestions!
  1. First Crush
    First grade. His name was Tyler, and a rumor went around later that he kissed Amanda in the coat closet. My little heart was crushed.
  2. First Concert
    Britney Spears. 1999. Hershey Park. I was in first grade and we took my friend Jaclyn. My brother also went and wore a Britney tshirt to bed for the next ten years. I wore pigtails and too much glitter. It was amazing.
  3. First Play I Performed In
    The Wizard of Oz in 2000. I was a poppy and a member of the lullaby league. A beautiful older girl named Olivia did my makeup.
  4. First Heartbreak
    When the music minister at my church died unexpectedly. I was 15. My family had known him since I was born. We always thought he'd play at our weddings...
  5. First Kiss
    Something I don't like to think about. A guy from my high school who was older, who took advantage of me and several of my friends many times over the years. I was in a play and I snuck away from backstage and kissed him in a hallway. I was either 14 or 15.
  6. First Time Abroad
    At 15 during an exchange program at my high school. We went to Athens, Greece for two weeks. An incredible experience I was probably too young to fully appreciate.
  7. First Drunk Experience
    At 18. Probably when I went to visit @online at Penn State. Those people are wild.
  8. First Love
    During my semester abroad in England at 19. It was a month long, intense relationship. We were together every day and he even met my parents when they visited. He said he loved me very quickly, but I waited to reciprocate until I knew. Three years of pining after each other followed, even though he dated other people seriously.