It has come to my attention that most of my friends don't know who Harris Wittels is! And that's okay, but it's also not because I love him and I want everyone to know about his genius.
  1. Harris was a comedy writer who passed away about a year ago from a heroin overdose. But before that, his genius spanned tons of shows and podcasts!!
  2. The Sarah Silverman Program
    Harris's first big writing gig. I never watched the show, but you know...I hear good things.
  3. Parks and Recreation
    What a babe. He was a writer, executive story editor, and later co-producer. He also played Harris, an animal-control employee!!
  4. Eastbound and Down
    He wrote for this show too
  5. Master of None
    Harris was a writer on the show and Aziz has written about how integral he was to writing the season. The scene where Colin Salmon calls Aziz's character to come over and just shows him a domino show? Harris. The line about texting a picture of a turtle in a briefcase to get a girl's attention? Harris.
  6. Humblebrag
    I'm sure you've heard this term. Guess who coined it and then wrote a book about it??
  7. Comedy Bang Bang- Farts and Procreation
    The BEST episodes of CBB are with Scott Aukerman (host), Harris, Adam Scott, and Chelsea Peretti. The last one was posted after his death and is possibly the most bittersweet thing you could hear. It's hilarious, but Scott's intro and outro about how he feels about Harris's passing cast a shadow over it.
  8. Comedy Bang Bang- Foam Corner
    This deserves its own bullet. Harris's famous segment on CBB where he reads jokes saved on his phone that weren't good enough for his act, and then not good enough for Twitter. Example: "It's weird that pineapple supposedly makes semen taste better, yet semen makes pineapple taste terrible." (Or the one in this image that's one of my faves 💯)
  9. Analyze Phish
    Hands down the most hilarious podcast I have ever listened to. Harris, a huge Phish fan, tries to convince Scott Aukerman, a Phish hater, to enjoy the band. They also go to a couple of live shows and record Scott doing drugs with Harris to get into the spirit of the show. Amazing comedy.
  10. U Talkin U2 to Me? Episode 3
    This is a poor man's version of Analyze Phish (hosted by Adam Scott Aukerman), but when Harris joins it's suddenly hilarious and something I actually enjoy.
  11. Who Charted?
    A show hosted by Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack that I only enjoy listening to when Harris is a guest. He's on there like five times? Every episode is worth several listens.
  12. WTF with Marc Maron
    This is a rare appearance where comedy is second to the real narrative that Marc asks of Harris. He talks about his past with drugs, but this is two years before his death, and his rise into Hollywood. Really great listen.
  13. You Made It Weird–Nov. 19, 2014
    A great episode with Harris in which he talks about his drug addiction. It's serious and hard to listen to, knowing what happened to him, but it's also laugh out loud funny as he describes a girlfriend who was a Scientologist and how he almost joined the cult for her.
  14. So maybe think about listening to or watching some of these appearances.
  15. His comedic presence is still felt.
  16. I also retweet him pretty often bc I'm not over it.
  17. Important.