HELP: hair care tips wanted

I know it's Saturday evening but I need you guys
  1. Hi y'all!!! I am currently out of shampoo and almost out of hair product, so I'm turning to you for some fresh ideas.
  2. This is a weird picture of my face, but a good picture of my hair. I have thick, frizzy hair that is naturally wavy and I use product to make it more curly.
  3. I've been using this Boots brand curl creme for literally 4 years and I'm finally on my last tub. As for shampoo, I use whatever I'm feeling when I shop for it.
  4. Any ideas from people who have thick/frizzy and/or wavy/curly hair!??! Any insight is appreciated bc I know nothing!!
  5. All Aussie products are great and cheap for product for freezy hair (i used their moist shampoo/3 minutes miracle conditioner) plus that oil that really nourish the hair and made the curls prettier
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  6. From our lovely @angela3950
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  7. Tips from the pretty @celestestelle
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  8. ...and from lil ol me!
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  10. Who can forget @mallofamanda's iconic curly list?!
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  11. Living Proof PHD Perfect Hair Day
    5-in-1 styling treatment. I think I paid $25 at Ulta. Maybe you can get a sample to try. It lends the right amount of weight, defines curls and was great on frizz. Used it in humid Orlando and it passed the test. Not 100% on the smell but works well.
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