Alternatively titled: AN UPDATE ON MY LOVE LIFE
  1. Last we spoke (by that I mean you, TLA community, and me), I had gone on one extraordinary date with a young man who is v cute and charming.
  2. Well, on Sunday (two days later lmao), I went over to his house again and we watched a movie and smoked and I stayed over. It was lovely ☺️
  3. NOW I'm house/cat sitting for my boss in Baltimore, which is a bit over an hour away from where he lives. But last night he drove all the way down here. To cook me dinner ☺️☺️😍
  4. He made homemade meatballs while he was still at home and made the pasta and sauce while he was here. I got wine. It was just so CUTE.
  5. And he stayed the night so like now I've had sex in my boss's house........this seems bad. Please nobody show this to anyone professional.
  6. Anyway, he left this morning so he could get back for class, but tomorrow night I'll be at his house again for a party and I'm excited 😍
  7. AND, as the title suggests, I have a big ass bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Which is chill af bc I haven't been cooking at all and I needed some sustenance.
  8. Okay he's so cute and everything is great BYE