1. First of all let me start by showing you this badass crew neck sweatshirt I have 👌
  2. That sweatshirt says "Towson Dad University" which is HILarious
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    And also the meme war is upon us!!!! Beware
  3. BUT that's not what this list is about. This is a story about the day before I moved to Prague.
  4. I needed a converter thing for the outlets bc American outlets have a different voltage than European ones
  5. So I look up online where to find one and it says The Home Depot! So I'm like cool. I drive over to the store and I'm wandering the aisles.
  6. Which are v hard to navigate. The ceilings are so tall and there's SO MUCH. Needless to say, I didn't find it. So I decide to drive to Best Buy, which is much farther away
  7. But as I walk out of The Home Depot, I see a 1996 green Honda Accord pull into the parking lot (which is my old car)
  8. And my dad is driving it! So I follow him to his spot and he parks and gets out of the car.
  9. And we're wearing the same shirt.
  10. Which is how this happened
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  11. And this
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  12. I am a #dad